New Study Released Into Safety of Blood Thinner Pradaxa

According to a November 7, 2012 article by Eric Palmer in FiercePharma, a study by researchers at Ontario’s McMaster University has reiterated findings of the FDA just days before that Pradaxa carries the same risks for internal bleeding as traditional blood thinners.

However, the FDA study may have reached unfounded conclusions, according to a November 5, 2012 article in Pharmalot by Ed Silverman entitled Stop The Bleeding: Is FDA Pradaxa Analysis Flawed?

Pradaxa-Blood-Clots-StudyAnyone affected by internal bleeding after taking Pradaxa is still urged to speak with a lawyer about their legal options as soon as possible.

According to analysis methods outlined by the FDA’s own Observational Medical Outcomes Project, the risk analysis used in forming the recent conclusion amounts to little more than a guess, the Pharmalot article states. Also, the FDA study didn’t account for the fact that Pradaxa has no antidote for bleeding and has caused more than 500 deaths.

In September, The Journal for The American Medical Association warned that the FDA may have rushed approval of Pradaxa, overlooking key Pradaxa side effects like internal bleeding. USA Today reported on August 19th that the FDA received 3,781 reports of side effects and 542 deaths among Pradaxa users last year, leading all other medications in 2011.

Due to the number of Pradaxa lawsuits expected, a central court was recently established in Illinois to handle the claims. The case is known as MDL No. 2385, IN RE: Pradaxa Product Liability Litigation, Southern District of Illinois. Judge Herndon issued an order on July 24, 2012 that those injured by Pradaxa can proceed with lawsuits.

A report issued by the Institute for Safe Medicine Practices’ QuarterWatch (PDF) on October 3, 2012 estimates that Pradaxa is among the drugs responsible for a 37% increase in prescription drug complaints to the FDA in recent years.

Anyone affected by internal bleeding after Pradaxa use is urged to speak with a lawyer about their legal options as soon as possible. Due to the specialized nature of these federal MDL cases, the Pradaxa Resource Center only recommends lawyers who are already handling Pradaxa lawsuits.

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